How To: Summer Beach Curls

The Red Inc. Salon team shares a simple how-to video on creating one of the summer’s hottest styles.  

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Top 3 Things YOU Should Be Doing at Home to Protect Your Hair Color Investment!

It always boggles my mind as a stylist and as a girl who LOVES her vibrant red locks, why some clients don’t follow the rules to get the best color retention.  If you buy a brand new RED shirt, would you bleach it or use Tide when you wash it? 

This same philosophy stands true for hair color.  Harsh detergents can deplete the hair of color molecules and moisture.  In order to keep your locks shiny, healthy and vibrant follow these 3 simple at home treatments for maximum color retention. 

  1. Kenra Daily Provisions Leave In ConditionerLeave in conditioner.  We recommend Daily Provisions by Kenra.  This is a lightweight formula that is perfect for any hair type.  Using this on wet hair every time you style will condition, protect, control frizz and static while preventing split ends and breakage.  Also provides a sunscreen and thermal protection. Tip:  In a pinch you can add any conditioner to a water bottle, shake and apply.  Works great at the pool or beach. 
  2. Clarify Clarify Clarify.   When used as a weekly tool Kenra Clarifying Shampoo will restore the hairs natural radiance and shine while removing dulling deposits.   Swimmers especially should use this to remove chlorine from the hair, but everyone should clarify at least once a week to remove product build up, medications and hard water calcifications.  Follow with one of these conditioners:   Kenra moisturizing, color maintenance or volumnizing conditioners.  Tip: Rinse your conditioner to a slightly filmy consistency.  This will encourage color retention and overall health of the hair. 
  3. Protect Protect Protect.  Heat styling can be the biggest offender of color fading.  Before you blow dry, flat iron or curl we recommend a thermal protector.  For styling, apply Kenra Blow Dry Spray to wet hair, style as usual.  This will protect the hair up to 450 degrees.  Tip: Kenra Thermal Styling spray will protect the hair and hold curl!  Use on dry hair before curling or ironing and it will provide medium hold to any style.